Motorcycle Rentals & Quad Buggy Safari Tours in Paphos Cyprus

Cruiser Bike for Rent

Since ever a cruiser is a bike symbol for road domination and the free spirited riders. The proud riding style, the linings, the ear catching exhaust pipes make the cruiser the king of the road!

Feel the sense of freedom that emerges anytime you rent one of our cruiser bikes and make your travelling experience in Cyprus unforgettable. Ride with pride, ride with style!


Cruiser Rental Information:

  • Helmets are required by Law
  • Driving license and experience is required. See license requirements here
  • Premium Shadow comes with custom foot rest for extra comfort, lesser mileage, side bags and 12v/5v usb plug
  • Sissy bar bags are provided for all cruisers
  • Cruisers are only for on-road use.

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  • 3rd Party Insurance  
  •  Road Maps
  • Pick up & Return transfers
  • Helmets
  • Security Locks
  • After Rent Service